Get real-time alerts about market events known to move cryptocurrency prices.

AI-powered indicators scour the market for trading opportunities.
Instant alerts get sent via mobile app and Discord community.
Members know about potential market rallies before they happen.

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Markets Pro is powered by the same breakthrough AI indicators the world’s top institutional investors rely on, at a fraction of the cost.


The NewsQuakes™ indicator delivers real-time alerts generated by developments that impact coin prices most.


The VORTECS™ Score is produced by the powerful VORTECS algorithm trained to provide a constantly evolving assessment of whether present conditions are bullish, neutral, or bearish for that asset.

Twitter Volume & Sentiment

A measure of the percentage of positive or negative chatter on Twitter (an indicator known to move crypto prices) about a select coin.

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On Chain Metrics

Most Active On-Chain 24hr
Tracks the tokens with the biggest increase in number of active addresses on chain over the last 24 hours vs. an average of the last 30 days.

Exchange Inflows and Outflows
Track the assets being sent to or taken off exchanges — which impacts crypto prices — the most frequently over the last hour or 24 hours.

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Long-Term Fundamentals

Crypto Seasonality Indicator

Recommends whether traders should be in Cash, Bitcoin, Ethereum or Altcoins based on current market conditions.

Layer 1 Net New Developers 30 Days

Tracks which tokens developers are moving to over the last 30 days.

Layer 1 TVL
Over Time

Tracks TVL of different ecosystem coins.

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Additional Markets Pro “Members Only” Features

Markets Pro Discord Community

Get 24 hour access to expert crypto traders using the dashboard every day.

Personal Portfolio Tracker

Tracks a list of the cryptocurrency holdings in your personal portfolio.

Markets Pro Academy

Learn the basics of trading crypto with instructions on how to profit from all Markets Pro features.

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Rave Reviews From Markets Pro Subscribers

Nina Blankenship, CEO, Crypto Tutors

“We have 2.25X the $2,000 initial investment and have a profit of $2,561 from Markets Pro in about one month! This is every trader’s dream come true!”

Steven M

“The most recent one was Marinade. This listing announcement came out and with just a little bit of research I posted in the Discord that this could be a good one. It did not disappoint. A 366% gain!

Markets Pro allows everyday investors/traders to compete with Professional traders and hedge fund managers. It is THE most important tool in my trading tool kit.”

Ahmed L.

“The best financial adventure I have taken! Simply by paying attention to some metrics on Cointelegraph Markets Pro and the daily chart I make huge gains. I get real time news before most people. The private chat room is awesome, we share experiences and opportunities. Some gains: $MNDE listing +60%, LDO partnership +15%, AVAX partnership +20%”

Tony M.

“Exited LSK for + 21%. CT Markets Pro Has made me $11,000 so far!”

Cristian Ovidiu Coman

“I joined Cointelegraph Markets Pro only recently. In a 2 week span I managed to understand the comings and goings of this awesome tool named VORTECS and the Scanner tab.

Using what the community has managed to teach me I gained around $780 in only 13 days with KAVA, OP, FET, AGIX, RPL and few others (BONK included 😀 ) VORTECS is a great tool to learn and to master! It will serve you well!”


“In a span of 1.5 months, I have already 2X’d my portfolio, the scanner is the first thing I check with respect to volume and sentiment before entering a trade, and it has never failed me once.

Without the information I get through the scanner, I would never initiate a trade. Cointelegraph Markets Pro is a must have tool for me to be confident in my trades.”

Carlos W.

“Subscribing to Cointelegraph Markets Pro has been the best move I made in 2022. The wealth of information available to me through the platform has been invaluable and simplified trading research and analysis.

Markets Pro is one of the best trading tools around and I highly recommend it to anyone who is willing to put in the work to become a better trader.”


“Great weekend for me, cash in on all OMG and REN then went for AXS and still in OGN. OGN and AXS were both nailed by VORTECS Scores. Time to go fishin’!”

Shayan N.

“This is something that always has more than meets the eye. The first thing I do after waking up is see which scores are high so I can invest and earn. I’ve had a great return using CTMP and really high gains. I believe this has huge potential to be one of the greatest tools ever made for crypto!”

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